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Bera Bowl wide

The Bera Bowl Adventure

June 22, 2016 Comments (0) Adventure

Over the years I have covered most of the coast on the south end of the country looking for surfable waves. (its like an addiction, once you get locked into serious wave hunting, the tendency is to push it as far as you can….) It’s these wanderings that really developed my

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HONISTER-PASS April 27, 2016

David Ball : Exploring the Lake District

What can I say about the lake district that already hasn’t been said… Well I

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New Zealand Photography February 8, 2016

New Zealand : The land of Contrasts

To pay tribute to my 30th birthday I decided to celebrate big and treat myself to an

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Outdoor Reviews

camelbak podium ice

Review : Camelbak Podium Ice Bottle

July 13, 2016 Comments (0) Outdoor Gear, Reviews

Staying properly hydrated during a summer hike or cycle can be a challenge and there certainly isn’t anything enjoyable about drinking lukewarm water from a traditional bottled on a hot summer’s day. The Camelbak Podium Ice bottle may look like a traditional water bottle but

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Matador Freerain24 review May 2, 2016

Review : The Matador Freerain24

One of the biggest frustrations when hiking as a family is deciding what ‘stuff’

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Biolite Solarpanel 5+ review May 1, 2016

Review : The Biolite SolarPanel 5+

We are massive fans of Biolite and their range of energy focused, clean, cooking

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