April 5, 2018

Photography 101: Nine Essential Travel Photography Tips

What if you suddenly got the chance to visit a breathtaking travel destination and

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Nepal February 20, 2018

The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth | NEPAL

Filmmaker Neal Howland recently traveled to Nepal, where he took in the sights, the

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HONISTER-PASS August 27, 2016

David Ball : Exploring the Lake District

What can I say about the lake district that already hasn’t been said… Well I

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New Zealand Photography February 8, 2016

New Zealand : The land of Contrasts

To pay tribute to my 30th birthday I decided to celebrate big and treat myself to an

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iceland nigel cross November 10, 2015

Iceland : One Minute Down the Road

My partner and I chose to visit Iceland in Autumn. We punted on the light being

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Ryan Simpson Iceland October 19, 2015

Lofoten: Into the Light

When my friends asked me to organise an adventure holiday last Christmas, the Arctic

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rich j jones photography October 6, 2015

Just keep breathing: Trekking in the Everest Region

I woke up with a start; gasping for air. My breath condensing heavily in front of

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Orla O Muiri September 12, 2015

Orla O Muiri : The Next Adventure

I’m currently in transition. A little lost. Hating it. Decisions to be made. The

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September 3, 2015

A Biodiversity Hotspot : Six Months in Costa Rica

Leaving university with no exact idea what I was going to do next, I kept an ear to

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verity milligan isle of skye August 24, 2015

Recurring Adventure : Isle of Skye

My family are Scottish, my roots firmly in the rough and glorious landscapes of the

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Explore Vietnam - Photography August 9, 2015

Daniel Smyth : My Vietnam Adventure

We got married in August, 2014, but had to postpone our honeymoon, as my wife was

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