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The Capture Outdoors Winter Gift Guide

Nothing beats winter days in the outdoors whether it be forest walks or mountain climbs the frost and snow offer something special. Why not fuel your family’s outdoor adventure this Christmas with some of the best outdoor gear, gadgets and garments. We have compiled some our favourite items from over the last year and include something for every budget. We should add that we’ve personally used (or read) each these items so our recommendations are all very much first hand.

The Rab Kinder Smock

Less than £200
The Rab Kinder smock isn’t just a gift just for Christmas it’s actually a gift that will last many christmases to come. One of the warmest ‘down’ winter jackets we have tried, it a remarkable investment whether it be for hiking or climbing. Read our full review here. Rab Kinder Smock Review.

on running cloud x

On Running Cloud X

Less than £150
The Cloud X are a Swiss engineered trainer for those who want to run fast and light. The series offers remarkable build quality and if mountain running is your adventure, the range includes a number of trail shoes. We’ve been running on clouds (on the road) for a few months and they come very highly recommended. On Running Cloud X.

Stance Outdoor Socks

Less than £25
Everyone loves socks as a winter gift but Stance socks are something special, designed for activity the range includes outdoor, hiking and running socks.Check out the Stance instagram account and you will see that Stance have made hiking socks something special. | Stance stockists in the UK :Urban Surfer.

Millican Bags

Less than £130
We love the Millican range and our Fraser rucksack has traveled through Australia, Europe and Indonesia and yet we still keep discovering new pockets and storage. The bags are superb and stylish, perfect for city travel or hikes in the mountains. Sustainably designed with attention to detail, you will want one of the entire range. Check out Home of Millican.

Review of the Biolite Camp Stove

Biolite Camp Stove II

Less than £150
The Biolite Stove is every gadget lovers dream as the camp stove uses the excess heat generated while cooking to offer a powered USB port that can charge a mobile device or power a light. If you enjoy cooking in the outdoors and want to a sustainable fast cooking system that also charges your phone at the same time then check out our review the brilliant Biolite Camp Stove 1 System.

Lifeventure Thermal Mug

Less than £25
Feel at home on the hill with a hot cup of tea. The legendary and colourful thermal mugs can be thrown into your rucksack and it won’t leak or break. A thermally induced vacuum ensures that drinks hold their temperature and can be enjoyed hours later. We have been using the lifeventure mugs, flasks and bags for a few years now and they come highly recommended. Check out the Lifeventure Thermal Mug here.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Less than £30
Coffee from an Aeropress is hard to beat, not only does the press work with the Lifeadventure thermal mug (above) it’s great to press your own cup of freshly brewed coffee on the side of the mountain. Easy to use the Aeropress is an essential accessory for every coffee lover. Check out the Aeropress here.

Garmin Running Pod

Less than £75
Take your running metrics to a whole new level with the Garmin Running Pod. Paired with a compatible running watch the pod gives you an arrange of extra data that will help improve your running form. Ideal for the data loving trail and road runner who loves graphs. Find out more here: Garmin Running Pod.

Mind of a Survivor – Megan Hine

Less than £20
Shortlisted for the Great Outdoors Book of the Year, Megan Hine’s ‘Mind of a survivor’ is a mega read. Documenting Megan’s exploration of what the wild has taught her about both survival and success. The book is a great read and is a real inspiration and source of motivation. Check out Mind of a Survivor here.

Fujifilm X100T

The Fujifilm X100F

Less than £1500
One of the best looking cameras on the market it is also one of the most powerful compact cameras around. With a 24 megapixel sensor and a range of film simulations the ultra portable Fujifilm X100F camera is the perfect Christmas gift for the photography lover. Yes, it’s expensive compared to the other items on the list but it’s something very special. Find out more : Fujifilm X100F


Garmin Forerunner 935

Less than £500
If we could have any gift this Christmas the Garmin Forerunner 935 would be placed high on the list. With the ability to track runs and hikes as well as track general fitness the Forerunner 935 is the ultimate activity watch. The watch offers a ‘track back’ feature and ability to have friends and family track your movements remotely it’s a powerful little device. Read more.

What have we missed? Inspire our Christmas outdoor gift list by commenting below.

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