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Destination : Stokksnes, Vestrahorn, Iceland

Stokksnes, Vestrahorn, Iceland

If there is one place on earth that everyone should visit to see the great outdoors, then I recommend that place to be Iceland. The vast dramatic landscape where the atmosphere changes by the hour is remarkably mesmerising as mother nature shows of all her beauty.

This is Stokksnes, Vestrahorn, Iceland, the image looks out over the textured black ash sand dunes towards the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Vestrahorn.

Stokksnes is not far from the town of Höfn and it has an amazing black ash beach, with stunning golden sand dunes that are enhanced within the low light conditions of the golden hours. It’s a very special place for anyone, and more so for any landscape photographer whether you’re a amateur or a pro.

I have a passion for mountains and drama within my photography, so coming to a place like Stokksnes ticks all the boxes for me. I love being with nature as I feel comfortable taking pics of it whilst also enjoying the view I see within my frame.

The hypnotising sound of the ocean as the waves crash against the black beach with the wind blowing through the sand dunes is nothing short but, heavenly. The weather can change within minutes, totally transforming the landscape and atmosphere right in front of your eyes.

When you arrive here there is a café called The Viking Café which has a car park. These sand dunes are about 1km down a dirt track which turns into a sandy road. Be careful if you drive down there in a 2-wheel vehicle especially on the sand part. It’s a lovely walk if the weather is good. I recommend going at sunrise or sunset to capture those great colours these skies can produce.

Once you’re there, enjoy and explore. You wont regret it.

Stokksnes, Vestrahorn, Iceland


Destinations are supplied for information only and the information is used at your own risk. Always take proper precautions when out in the Mountains and make sure you are equipped for all weathers. It is wise to let someone know your route before you head out. Do you have a favourite photographic location, why not submit your own adventure.


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