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Destination : Tramore, Donegal

Tremor Beach Donegal

County Donegal, in North West Ireland with its dramatic coastline is something of a photographers playground. Little more than three hours from Dublin, Donegal is considered off the beaten track by many Irish people, who typically make a beeline for more southern counties. Why, I can only speculate, but thankfully I discovered its joys years ago.

All I need is an excuse and I am off to stalk its shoreline, seeking moments of inspiration, be it for the soul or to photograph.

A Donegal favourite of mine, is the beach at Tramore (meaning the big beach) near the village of Dunfanaghy. Even on the warmest of summers days, this isolated two mile stretch of strand is usually your own kingdom for the day. The views back towards Doros point, and out towards Tory Island, its silhouette resembling a sleeping giant are spectacular.

While it is great to visit at anytime of the year, I typically prefer April and October, when the the play of light at the edge of encroaching Atlantic weather fronts, is just that more dramatic to photograph.

Tramore Beach

During these months, and after the tide has retreated I can usually be found on top of one of the dunes that frame the beach, or hunkered down by a tidal pool, framing compositions, that capture the spirit of this beautiful place. If you are in Donegal check it out.

About Peter McCabe

Peter is a landscape photographer, with a passion for the Irish Landscape, he can be found wandering the backroads, highroads and coastline of Ireland, capturing its beauty no matter what the prevailing conditions maybe.

Peter’s images can be found in many of the worlds leading stock photography agencies, and each year Peter leads a number of photography workshops and tours around the beautiful Island of Ireland.


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Destinations are supplied for information only and the information is used at your own risk. Always take proper precautions when out in the Mountains and make sure you are equipped for all weathers. It is wise to let someone know your route before you head out. Do you have a favourite photographic location, why not submit your own adventure.

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