Field Reports

The Cregennan Lakes August 25, 2015

Destination : The Cregennan Lakes, Wales

Of all the places I’ve explored in Wales, there is one in particular I revisit

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Konitsa Epirus, Greece August 20, 2015

Destination : Konitsa Epirus, Greece

I Love to travel and experience the beauty of nature in different places all around

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Richard Hurst Iceland August 12, 2015

Destination : Stokksnes, Iceland

This image was taken at a place called Stokksnes on the east coast of Iceland,

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Paul Petch Photographer August 10, 2015

Destination : Piha Beach

Going outdoors is never a mistake for me. Unplugging from my digital world for a

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Martin Kornmesser August 9, 2015

Destination : Tre Cime Di Lavaredo

The one aspiration I have for my photography, is that I can somehow capture within

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Stokksnes, Vestrahorn, Iceland August 9, 2015

Destination : Stokksnes, Vestrahorn, Iceland

If there is one place on earth that everyone should visit to see the great outdoors,

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the devil's pulpit August 9, 2015

Destination : The Devil’s Pulpit

The image I chose to share was taken a few weeks ago at a magical place that not

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Hare's Gap August 9, 2015

Destination : Hare’s Gap, Northern Ireland

As a keen mountain walker it is important for me to education the next generation to

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