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Fixing the waste mountain of coffee cups : Hydro Flip


The United Kingdom throws away approximately 2.5bn coffee cups every year, that’s 10,000 every two minutes and seven million every day. It’s been claimed that the regular cups are almost impossible to recycle and thus the UK recycles less than 1% of take away cups.

Many of us are making the move away from the disposable cup and are encouraged by coffee shops such as Starbucks and Costa who now offer a discount if you bring your own cup. The portable insulated cup is now an eco-friendly cost effective way of keeping your coffee (or tea) warm for longer.

Since 2009, Hydro Flask’s mission to save the world from lukewarm has been successful, especially after the UK release of the popular Hydro Flip™ Coffee Flask in 2016. Now, one year later, it marks the release with two new colourways in both the 12 oz and 16 oz sizes; Cobalt and Mint.

Hydro Flask’s line of Coffee Flasks have been designed with the coffee drinker in mind with double wall vacuum insulation to keep your hot drinks piping hot for longer. The Flip lid offers one-handed access to your favourite beverage and the flask itself comes in two convenient sizes in the UK: 12 oz [Tall] and 16 oz [Grande].

As with all Hydro Flask products, the bottles are BPA-free and 100% recyclable. This way, you can have your caffeine fix knowing you’re not contributing to the 2.5 billion coffee cups the UK throws into landfill ever year. Hydro Flasks are made from stainless steel so flavours aren’t tainted [this afternoon’s spicy chai tea will never taste like that morning’s caramel latte]. The insulated bottles have a proprietary powder coating for a secure, sweat-free grip and come in plenty of bright, fun colours.

Take your Hydro Flip™ Lid Coffee Flask next time you head to your local coffee shop – many cafes offer money off/extra stamp on your loyalty card when you bring your own cup. Not only are there financial and environmental benefits to using a resuable stainless steel cup, but health wins too: with plastic alternatives [such as BPA] being potentially harmful to health.

The Hydro Flask Coffee Flask, 12oz costs £18.95 and the Hydro Flask Coffee Flask, 16oz costs £21.95.



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