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The Heroes of your Winter Hillwalking Kit


As summer draws to a close and conditions become colder and darker, don’t forget to upgrade your pack for winter walks with essential safety items. Lifesystems latest range of lightweight outdoor survival essentials makes it easy to be prepared for the unexpected, without weighing you dow.

Ensure you are prepped for an emergency this winter with lightweight essentials from Lifesystems.

Intensity 105 Head Torch

Even if conditions seem clear or you are taking a well-trodden route, a head torch should always be part of every walker’s daypack. The Intensity 105 from Lifesystems offers the ultimate ‘just in case’ solution that won’t add unwanted weight to your bag. Featuring a robust and water-resistant construction, the lightweight Intensity 105 weighs just 42g yet its CREE bulb has an output of 105 lumens.

6 lighting modes help you to find the optimum balance between battery life and brightness and include an SOS flashing mode that is ideal for helping emergency services locate you. The beam angle can be adjusted and the head torch offers up to 18 hours of battery life. If the integrated charging and power indicators suggest that the battery is getting low, the head torch can be easily re-charged using the USB lead provided.


Survival Whistle

If you get caught out on the hill, a whistle is one of the best ways of signalling for help. Made from tough, lightweight plastic, the Survival Whistle weighs just 10g, adding minimal weight to your gear. Designed to work in all types of conditions, the whistle has an impressive 122dB loudness which makes it one of the most powerful whistles in the world. Part of the DofE Recommended Kit List, the Survival Whistle comes with a neck lanyard and attachment clip so you can easily keep it close to hand in case of an emergency.

Thermal Blanket

A wrong turn or a twisted ankle, small accidents can turn into bigger problems without the correct equipment to deal with them. The Lifesystems Thermal Blanket weighs just 55g yet can provide crucial warmth and protection in the event of an injury or sudden weather change. The strong, metallised material is wind and water resistant; it reflects and retains over 80% of radiated body heat, ideal if someone is cold or in shock. The orange exterior of the blanket is radar-reflective, making it easier for help to locate you in an emergency situation. The Thermal Blanket is part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Recommended Kit List.


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