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Manfrotto Announce Off Road Stunt Collection

manfrotto stunt bag collection

Manfrotto have just announced a new range aptly called the ‘Off Road Stunt Bag Collection’. Dedicated to action camera lovers, the Off Road Stunt Bag Collection is perfect for those who need to carry all their equipment in a safe, practical and comfortable bag, leaving them free to experience their wildest adventures.

This range includes 5 new products that securely organize action photo-videography equipment: the Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Backpack (available black and grey/red), the Off Road Stunt Case (available in Small and Medium) and the Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Roll Organizer.

Manfrotto Off Road Stund Backpack

manfrotto stunt bagSpecifically designed with action camera photographers in mind, the Off Road Stunt Backpack provides extreme protection, versatility and comfort of use. It’s an ideal backpack for carrying up to 3 action cameras with accessories, a Compact System Camera kit and personal items.

The bag features a butterfly-style front opening for easier internal arrangement and 2 removable inside pouches that keep photographic gear stored safely. The top pocket features a hard outer shell to protect breakable objects from impact and damage.

The perfect choice for on the go shooting thanks to the dedicated GoPro® connection on the shoulder strap and Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Pole connection on the back this bag gives adventurous image-makers new creative viewpoints.
A hydration pack can be stored in its own compartment to provide sustenance throughout the toughest situations and there is a rain cover for wet weather.

Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Case

manfrotto stunt caseThe Manfrotto Off Road Stunt case is available in small and medium sizes to store up to 3 action cameras.

The water-repellent, crushproof camera compartment gives all the accessories extreme protection: cameras, LCD touch BacPac™, remote control with extra batteries and SD cards stay safe and well organized.

The flexible, adjustable internal divider system allows you to decide the best internal gear configuration according to your specific needs. Both sizes feature a transparent zippered pocket to keep small accessories organized so they can be found at a glance.

Manfrotto Off Road Stunt Roll Organiser

manfrotto stunt rollThe Stunt Roll Organiser holds up to 3 action cameras and lots of accessories. Thanks to the adjustable webbing closure and soft material, it can be adapted to fit in any bag.

The Manfrotto Off road Action Camera Bag Collection is compatible with the GoPro® family, SONY Action cameras, SJCAM and the Nilox families, Xiaomi Yi cameras and many more action cameras.

Prices start from £34.95 for the Stunt Case, £34.95 for the Stunt Roll Organizer and £119.95 for the Off Road Stunt Backpack.



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