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Tracking Man’s Best Friend with Atemos

garmin dog tracking

Many of us like to head out into the wilds and mountains with ‘man’s best friend‘ as a companion. Night walks and unknown territory can easily result in a lost dog and we’ve all seen social media posts asking for help in such situations. Well the good news is Garmin have announced ‘Atemos’ a new series of GPS dog tracking system, the line-up is based on the well-known Alpha and Astro system and leverages Garmin’s quality dog tracking capabilities.

Garmin launches Atemos 50 for users who prefer positioning performance at its best and button operation of the device. While Atemos 100 is targeted towards users who look for touchscreen convenience and additional control.

Both systems can track up to 20 dogs at a range of up to 10 km, and are capable of updating their location up to every five seconds. They support the dedicated dog device K 5 for tracking. The Atemos system can also be used with Garmin fēnix® 3 / fēnix 5 or tactix® Bravo watches to follow their dogs’ whereabouts1 This new line is legal to use in the United Kingdom and does not require additional registration with local authorities.

“With the Atemos 50 and Atemos 100, we are excited that we can bring Garmin’s great dog tracking experience to the United Kingdom“, said Martin Resch , Senior Product Manager Outdoor EMEA . “Garmin dog tracking systems have become an essential piece of equipment for dog handlers all over Europe. Atemos is based on all the experience that we made in this demanding market over the last decade to provide reliable dog tracking for the safety of dog and handler.”

Reliably track up to 20 dogs or handlers2 with the new Atemos handheld, from a distance of up to 10 km. Closely follow each move with an update rate of up to five seconds – see what speed your dog is moving or whether it is “on point”. Use also Distance Alarms and Geofences to better control the whereabouts of your dog and assure its safety while afield. With enhanced Metrics, Atemos records dog performance data like distance travelled, time afield, and automatic calculations of how many times a dog has pointed – valuable statistics in evaluating a dog’s performance. For better orientation Atemos comes preloaded with the Recreational Map Europe 100k and a free one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

K 5 dog device is extremely powerful and durable, optimised for deployment in the most demanding environments. The GPS/GLONASS antenna is mounted on the top of the collar for best positioning performance and it has additional LED beacon lights that can be switched on and off remotely for better visibility and additional safety for the dog. The device is water tight up to 1 ATM /10 m and comes with a solid braided steel antenna to secure best integrity.

Atemos can provide your dog’s location to the new Garmin DriveTrack 70 LMT navigator for use inside a vehicle. The large, seven inch pinch-to-zoom touchscreen display makes it easy to locate the dog on the run. And when afield, data from the Atemos can be viewed on any Garmin fēnix 3, fēnix 5 and tactix Bravo GPS watch2, providing a hands-free glance at a dog’s distance, direction, and vibration alerts when a dog points.

The Atemos 50 and Atemos 100 are sold separately or in a bundle with a K 5 dog device. The Atemos is not compatible with Garmin Astro or Alpha devices and T5 or TT 15. These devices are expected to be available in August with a suggested retail price of £649.99 for Atemos 50 and RRP £949.99 for an Atemos 50 / K 5 bundle. Atemos 100 will be priced at RRP £749,99 and the bundle will retail at RRP £999.99. Additional dog devices are available at RRP £379.99 for K 5.

Check out Garmin Outdoors for more information: http://www.garmin.com/outdoors

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