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ViewRanger Partners with Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch

Casio Viewranger

ViewRanger, the outdoor discovery app, has cemented its position as the mapping and navigation partner of choice for many wearable manufacturers by becoming the official outdoor navigation partner of Casio’s WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch, which made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

ViewRanger is one of only three apps preloaded by Casio [1] on the new wrist device along with MyRadar and Runkeeper. It was one of the first apps to be available on the new Android Wear platform when it launched in June 2014 and the Apple Watch when it was introduced in April 2015.

The app also featured in Motorola’s Moto 360 launch campaign and, more recently, was one of the five launch partners for the Tag Heuer Connected watch.

A spokesperson for Casio said: “We believe the WSD-F10 is perfectly designed for outdoor enthusiasts with water resistance to 50 metres and built to military specifications, and we want to showcase apps on the device that enhance the outdoor user experience. ViewRanger is a great outdoor navigation app so the partnership was a no-brainer.”

Set to launch in the US in April 2016, the WSD-F10 displays altitude, compass direction, air pressure, sunrise and sunset times at a glance and thanks to the slip-free finish on its large operating buttons, can easily be operated with gloves on.

Craig Wareham, ViewRanger co-founder, said: “Our partnership with Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch is a massive endorsement of the app and will strengthen our credentials in the smart wearable market. We’re humbled to be part of the launch and a significant milestone in Casio’s history.

“Our ultimate goal is to make ViewRanger available to as many active people as possible, regardless of pursuit or device.”

ViewRanger offers detailed topographic maps for over 20 countries and trail guides from guidebook authors and tourism organizations around the world, as well as from the app’s global user community.

Using ViewRanger, routes can be followed easily with the user’s current position displayed on a detailed map, with the active navigation system alerting the user if they veer off track. Photographs, waypoint information, and other helpful content for each route are included within the digital route guides. Route guides and maps are downloaded and stored on the mobile device, so no mobile network signal is required to use the app out on the trail.

ViewRanger can also be used to record walks, rides, and other adventures which can later be shared with friends and family via social media or email.

The ViewRanger app is free to install:
Download ViewRanger from Google Play
Download ViewRanger from Apple App Store

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