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Review : Camelbak Podium Ice Bottle

camelbak podium ice

Staying properly hydrated during a summer hike or cycle can be a challenge and there certainly isn’t anything enjoyable about drinking lukewarm water from a traditional bottled on a hot summer’s day. The Camelbak Podium Ice bottle may look like a traditional water bottle but it offers a state of the art nozzle and its double insulated design means it keeps drinks colder for considerably longer.

Top Features of the Camelbak Podium Ice Bottle

Insulated to keep your drink cold, Lightweight, Easy-squeeze, Easy clean, Self sealing jet valve with positive lockout, BPA and BPS free

Cycling : Camelbak Podium Ice

We took the Camelbak Podium Ice bottle on a recent charity cycle. The design fits snuggly in the cage and the self sealing valve meant I kept the bottle open on the cycle but had quick and easy access to fluids when necessary. This was the first trip out with the bottle and the “TruTaste™ polypropylene with HydroGuard™”a fancy term for the absence of new bottle taste had to be celebrated. Genuinely, there wasn’t even the hint of plastic, just pure water, well and the taste of SIS Electrolyte site here.

The nozzle was easily accessibly and the bottle is squeezable so we were able to easily hydrate during a cycle, the lockable top is easy to engage but we found there was no leakage issues with keeping it open through the outing.

The image below shows the Camelbak Podium Ice snug in a standard bottle cage at the end of a cycle, you can see the bike is pretty dirty but there is no leakage on the main frame.

camelbak podium ice

General Use

The double insulation does a great job at keeping water cooler for longer, I found dropping a couple of ice-cubes into the bottle on leaving obviously extended the cool duration that bit longer. The bottle is the perfect fit for the side pockets of a rucksack collection. Like cycling I kept the drip lock open as I found there was no leakage from the bottle although I did lock it when travelling to the mountains. The bottle offers excellent capacity and the nozzle is very easy to drink from.

Camelbak bottles

The bottle is also capable of keeping warm drinks warm for longer periods of time, we didn’t test this aspect as we felt a traditional flask was a more suitable vessel for warm drinks.


It should be noted that the Podium Ice Bottle is actually dishwasher-safe and remarkably easy to clean. Remove the cap assembly, (making sure the valve lockout is open), and place it with the bottle on the top rack of your dishwasher.

If you are looking for a sturdy bottle with an easily accessible drinking nozzle with the added bonus of effectively keeping your drink cold then the Camelbak Podium Ice should be your next purchase, highly recommended.


The Camelbak Podium Ice is available for Wiggle.com

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