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Klean Kanteen : The Message is the Bottle

Klean Kanteen Review

There are two essential liquids in everyday living, water and coffee. Over the last few weeks we have been putting the stylish Klean Kanteen range of insulated and non-insulated bottles through their paces. We found it surprising that the concept of stainless steel water bottles is actually relatively new, way back in 2002 there were no stainless steel water bottles for personal hydration on the market, and the possible health and environmental impact of plastic bottles at that stage weren’t known.

The very first Klean Kanteen water bottle was made in 2004 from high quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, a metal known for both strength and safety that contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. This first of its kind, innovative drinking bottle offered health conscious people a safe alternative to plastic and aluminium.

Over a decade later and the Klean Kanteen company now has a massive range of containers including a range of insulated bottles that aim to keep liquid warm for up to six hours.

Two Weeks with Klean Kanteen

We have been using the Klean Kanteen vacuum insulated bottle daily for a number of weeks. The wide-mouthed bottle works as both a thermos and a carry mug with the doubled walled vacuum insulation keeping liquids warm for approximately six hours and frosty-cold for over twenty four. With any thermos solution the earlier you consume the drink the hotter it is going to be, post six hours we found the drink was still quite warm but it wasn’t hot enough to enjoy.

Klean Kanteen Insulated

The Klean Kanteen insulated bottle comes equipped with a leakproof Stainless Loop Cap and for drinking on the go, a Café Cap is available that quickly converts the Kanteen into a splash proof drinking mug. Both lids are great and I found I used the leakproof cap in the mountains and the Café Cap each morning; obviously drinks don’t stay as hot for as long with the Café Cap but I was still drinking hot coffee two hours after it was made. It should also be noted (as is the case with most Café Cap style designs) this lid isn’t leak proof, that said it doesn’t leak easily and it certainly protects against accidental spills.

Klean Kanteen clearly place a high importance on design, the rounded corners make the bottle really easy to clean and the 100% stainless steel interior doesn’t retain or impart flavours from previous drinks. I used the bottle for coffee, green tea and hot chocolate without a single issue and storage wise it contains about two mugs of liquid which for me is the perfect way to get to lunchtime.

Klean Kanteen Review

The Klean Kanteen Original

Like the insulated mug the Original range is made from high quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the Classic is safe and toxin-free, and again it doesn’t retain the flavours (or smell) from previous drinks. The 44mm mouth opening is easy to drink and the additional sports cap is perfect out on the mountains. The steel bottle has the added value of keeping the liquid feeling cold and we placed the bottle in a cold flowing river for extra cooling making the water inside that extra bit refreshing.

Klean Kanteen Sustainability

Over the last number of years there has been a focus on sustainability in the production process. The term often means different things to different people but Klean Kanteen hold a purist and transparent approach to the concept, sustainability drives their decision making and innovation process, the packaging has a notable, recycled simplicity and the company reinforce this with a full sustainability statement on their website.

Klean Kanteen donates a minimum of 1% of their gross annual sales to environmental conservation and education. As well as their own environmental protection efforts the company actively promotes the concept of sustainability to its customers, the #bringyourown hashtag encourages customers to replace the take-out paper and plastic cups with a Klean Kanteen bottle, it’s a fantastic concept and one we aim to follow moving forward.


Functionality wise both bottles are impossible to fault, the modern design and colour range reverberate the coolness of the Klean Kanteen brand. Already the Klean Kanteen insulated bottle is now fully integrated into my daily routine of morning coffee and green tea afternoons. The bottles are of exceptional quality and offer a well-researched balance between weight and durability. The Klean Kanteen bottles look amazing and the durable design means they won’t dent easily, if you take care of your bottle it will last a lifetime.


Klean Kanteen
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