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Rumpl : The Outdoor Super Blanket

Rumpl Review

Exploring the outdoors can often be about going back to basics and keeping things really simple. It’s the freedom of traveling light and leaving our modern technology laden lives behind. Yes, it’s about roughing but there is no reason by roughing it can’t also be comfortable. It’s a paradoxical concept perhaps, but there is a way to bring the comfort of the great indoors to the rugged outdoors thanks to the creative thinking of the team at Rumpl.

The two-man Rumpl team has married the traditional blanket with the innovative technology of modern outdoor clothing. The Rumpl range takes the comfort, warmth and durability of the modern puffa jacket or sleeping bag and creates what can only be described as a performance blanket. When announced the Rumpl range saw such overwhelming support on Kickstarter they ended up a freestanding business that ships its innovative product worldwide.

Rumpl to the Test

There is nothing like reaching your camp when hiking in the mountains but sitting still you can often mean you get cold quickly. We decided to take a ‘twin’ Rumpl blanket out into the mountains and test it for both warmth and comfort.

The Twin Rumpl is 80 by 60 inches so perfect for two people but it also ideal for a small family to rest on. We have taken blankets into the mountains in the past but there is way they have been as light (or as cozy) as the Rumpl range. The Twin weighs in at just 3.5 lbs and it stuffs down to just 18.5 x 9.5in (a stuff sack is provided, see photo).

Rumpl Review

Rumpl Durability

We were initially nervous about placing the Rumpl down on the hard and slightly damp grassy track but we were particularly impressed how easy it was to brush off the outdoor debris and how quickly any surface dampness dried off. The Rumpl is also machine washable so any dirt can be washed off prior to using indoors.

Innovative Design

The Rumpl blankets look amazing, the Deepwater Puffy oozes quality and the curved stitching keep the design interesting when laid out flat. I never thought I would be describing a blanket as ‘versatil’e but the Rumpl is exactly that, a performance garment that’s as useful indoors as it is out.


We found the surface material of the Rumpl to be cool to the touch yet at the same offered outstanding warmth and insulation. There are little holding loops in each of the four corners so it was easy to keep the blanket in place even in slightly more windy conditions. We found an unexpected benefit to having the Rumpl with us on our day walk, on arrival at our first break point we found it swarming with midges, we were able to wrap the Rumpl around us and reduce the exposed areas from bites.

Value for Money?

Comparing the Rumpl to the price of traditional blankets would be particularly unfair. In many ways the blankets should be held up against the cost of outdoor clothing and higher end sleeping bags. Having used a Rumpl over the last few weeks we think the blankets actually represent really good value for money, a Rumpl is a ‘performance’ blanket, robust enough for the outdoors yet comfortable and luxurious enough to look perfectly at home indoors.

Lightweight and Compact

Each Rumpl comes with its own stuff sack for easy transportation, packing the blanket after use is also straightforward and we were able to pack the twin version away easily on the top of a windy mountainside.

The Great Indoors

Interestingly, and unlike our sleeping bags the Rumpl is seeing massive amounts of use indoors. The Rumpl is the perfect sofa “throw” for watching TV on cold winter nights (or summer nights if you live in the UK). The 20D Ripstop Nylon with DWR is water, stain, and odour resistant as well as being machine washable so ideal for everyday use and better still each blanket comes with a 1 Year warranty.



Although a blanket isn’t an essential piece of equipment for the outdoors the right garment can not only add a bit of comfort but also a bit of luxury to a hike. The Rumpl is a versatile and exceptionally well designed winter warmer when outside that is lightweight, portable and exceptionally cozy.

We were initially sceptical that a blanket that kept us warm on a dirty mountainside would stay clean enough to be used inside but the Rumpl manages to stay remarkable clean thanks to its water, stain and odour resistance. Quality by design the remarkably versatility Rumpl really is an outdoor super blanket.


Rumpl at Bear and Bear

Design: 100%

Function: 95%

Value for Money: 93%

If you are looking for a functional super blanket that offers versatility both indoors and out then the Rumpl is a worthy investment. The Rumpl blanket is warm, cozy and looks stunning.

Total Score 96%

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