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Heather Horton – Into the Wild

Heather Horton, Into the Wild

My name is Heather Horton and I am a full-time painter living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I paint in oil on panel or canvas and my subject matter ranges from figurative, to portraiture, to landscape, depending on the inspiration.

I recently moved back from The Yukon Territory in Northern Canada to hike, explore and paint. The land was filled with riches beyond measure, and productivity at the easel was high. Now I am back living in Toronto as I had to move home to help care for my mother.

Into the Wild Christopher Mccandless

Christopher McCandless – Into the Wild

A few years ago shortly after Sean Penn’s released the film “Into The Wild”, adapted from Jon Krakauer’s bestselling book of the same name. Christopher McCandless left on a two year odyssey in July 1992 that led him all across the Lower 48 and finally up to the terminal branch of his adventure into the interior of Alaska where he died in August of 1992.

Heather Horton artist

I was very moved by Christopher’s story and was given permission by his parents to use some of his photographs to develop into paintings. I completed about twenty paintings of various moments over the course of Chris’ explorations.

I also did a painting of Chris’s belt on which he carved out his journey… I painted it on a large 2 x 4 which I bought from a lumber store for $2.20. I thought Chris, with his frugal nature, would appreciate that.

Heather Horton Into the Wild

There is also a painting of his last dinner in Bus 142 before he tried to hike back out to civilization, one of Chris standing alone out near the Sea Of Cortez, a painting of his camp at the Sea Of Cortez, his tent on the Stampede Trail in Alaska, his backpack on the Stampede Trail in Alaska and others.

Christopher McCandless

The drive for exploration and self-discovery via challenging ourselves was my prime inspiration behind doing these paintings. By painting this body of work I hoped to appreciate Chris’ journey in my own way, remotely yet intimately too.

About Heather Horton

Heather Horton is a celebrated painter Heather’s work can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, The United States, Germany, New Zealand and England. A selection of her paintings is now a part of the permanent art collection at the Canadian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. Heather has been profiled by Bravo! Canada on a series called The Artist’s Life.


Website : Heather Horton
Twitter : Heather Horton
Facebook : Heather Horton

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