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Leslie Binn’s Everest Rescue

My name is Leslie John Binns. I am an injured ex-serviceman & Mountain Climber. I was blinded in one eye by an Improvised Explosive device in Afghanistan. In May of this year I attempted to climb Mount Everest. On the night of the 20th at around 8pm I set off with my Sherpa on my summit push from camp 4.

After climbing for four to five I hours I noticed a commotion ahead. I was then shocked to see someone careering towards me. I braced myself and managed to arrest the climbers fall. This person turned out to be an Indian woman by the name of Sunita Hazra. She was in severe distress & had run out of oxygen.

The Everest Hero

I then took it upon myself to cancel my accent, give her my spare oxygen and recover her to relative safety at camp 4. On our way down the weather turned for the worst & we had to endure a white out. We then lost our way and I fell into crevasses, luckily they were only waist deep but this was very exhausting. We then came across another climber waving us towards him. Thinking it was a member of a rescue team we headed down to him.

However fate dealt us another near fatal blow as this was another person in distress. He turned out to be Subash Paul. I then made the decision to help him too. After a couple of hours of struggling I could only get Sunita to safety. I was physically & mentally drained. Subash was rescued later but sadly did not survive his recovery to the lower camp. I treated Sunita for her frost bitten hands, hypothermia & got medication for her HAPE. She is now back with her family and recovering well.

The Return to Everest

Following the adventure I have now decided with public support to attempt the climb again next year. I have set up a Facebook support page & a Virgin money giving page. I intend to raise money for ABF The Soldiers Charity, Mountain Rescue UK & Dearne Valley Bulldogs ARLFC Community Association as well as my next expedition. My exploits have been reported globally. For more information on how my adventure and how you can support the attempt, see the links below. #EverestHero EH2017



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