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Film : Unbounded

“Unbounded” is an adventure-travel documentary following a young, unaided crew of four as they hike and pack-raft for four months into the infinite region known as Patagonia. The crew’s journey is based along the “Greater Patagonian Trail,” a relatively unknown route that is now the longest continual trail in South America. As the crew follows the trail they make their way through dense forests, snow-capped mountains, active volcanoes, barren deserts and everything in-between.

The film focuses on discovering the indescribable factors of the region, learning the history and culture of the people living amongst the Andes, and bringing to light the incredible beauty of the area – all in an effort to help raise awareness of the need to preserve this untamed, but delicate environment. A portion of the film’s proceeds will go towards environmental organizations in Chile to help protect and maintain the land and rivers of this unique part of the world.

Despite the crew’s lack of experience and support, they manage to document the awe-inspiring landscapes and people of the region, interview the top environmentalists across the country and trek around 700 km across one of the roughest and most unforgiving regions in the world.

The four traveler’s passion and dedication is seen through carrying 50+ pounds on their back daily including extra camera equipment in order to be able to professionally document the experience. Not only do a limited amount of people know about this trail but few have even attempted to trek it, nonetheless film a feature documentary to capture the raw beauty of the area.

Check out the team Kickstarter for more information.


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