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Kev Shields – A Portrait by Nadir Khan

Kev Shields and I have known each other for a number of years and we had chatted about the possibility of making a film with him. We had started the venture in 2014 but injury forced us to shelve the project as Kev, unfortunately couldn’t get into the mountains.

At this point we had some footage but not enough for a proper film so this year when I was in Fort William for the Film Festival we got out and shot some more footage and some shots of him biking and that seemed to be enough to get the story across.

Kev is an interesting and complex character with many layers, its not your archetypical climbing persona as there is some real darkness there which attracts me to the story.

Nadir Khan & Kev Shields

Nadir Khan is a world renowned adventure and action photographer based in the UK. Nadir has worked with some of the top Outdoor brands on their extreme outdoor imagery. A talented photographer and videographer you can check out his work on his website Nadir Kan Photography & Media.


Nadir Khan Photography & Media
Nadir Khan on Vimeo
Kev Shields’ Website
Kev Shields on Twitter

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