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Oregon in Timelapse : Andrew Studer

‘Restless’ explores the Pacific Northwest’s dramatic and diverse locations through the art of timelapse. I decided on the title of the film not just thinking of the dynamic change a timelapse video is able to display, but also because of how it affected my lifestyle. Working on this film, I myself became ‘restless.’

When I first heard about timelapse, I was really intrigued so I began experimenting and learning the art. I wanted to make a timelapse film that highlighted all the dramatic and diverse locations of the Pacific Northwest so I began working on ‘Restless’ shortly after I graduated high school. Despite having a full coarse load in college, I spent over the next two years traveling all over the Pacific Northwest camping and backpacking to capture the footage.

I spent just about every weekend and school holidays backpacking, camping and exploring some of the most incredible places the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The film was shot in a little over two years, countless all nighters, camping trips and spontaneous trips to the mountains, an estimated 85,000 still photos have been captured in the making of the film.

I completed ‘Restless’ shortly after deciding to leave college to devote myself to working full time as a freelance photographer/videographer. I know for a fact that working on this helped me see where my true passions lies and the film is key in giving me the confidence to enter full time into the freelance world.

What is Timelapse

In simple terms a timelapse film is created by the photographer capturing a still image at a set interval over a long period of time. Generally an intervalometer is used but a growing number of cameras offer the feature as built in option. Most films work at around 24 frames per second so 24 of the still images will make one section of film.

Equipment Used

Sony A7s, Canon 6D, Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Sliider, Stage R pan/tilt units. Emotimo TB3 pan/tilt head.


Andrew Studer is a photographer/filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon, specialising in timelapse and outdoor adventure photography. You can visit Andrew’s website here, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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