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Rab : The Mountain People

Since their founding in 1981 Rab have specialised in making rugged, high- performance mountain clothing and equipment. Created to give you ultimate freedom, protection and comfort in the mountains, they produce honest, hard working gear you’d rather repair than replace. Over 30 years later the company have taken the time to look back and reflect on how they have grown and explore what the Rab brand means.

The greatest thing I ever got from climbing was friendship.

Rab Carrington

From humble beginnings, making sleeping bags in a Sheffield attic, they are now an international business. Over this time their products have evolved, continuing to push into new and unchartered territory. However, Rab’s core values and beliefs are the same. The inspiration still comes from the mountains we all climb and the friendships we forge along the way.

So much more than just a jacket or a sleeping bag, each and every one of the Rab products are crafted with thought, care and emotion. This month Rab have decided they would like to share more of the stories that make the company unique; from the people who design, make and test each item, to those that have grown up loving and wearing Rab. Reiterating their ongoing mission: To awaken the climber in everyone and equip them for the ascent.

Therefore, the company have launched ‘The Mountain People’. Part of a wider movement this will shift the focus onto the individuals and stories that define Rab. Amongst other changes, you will notice a slight update to the Rab logo with the strapline ‘For the most extreme conditions in the world’ being replaced with ‘The Mountain People’.

More than a campaign, ‘The Mountain People’ highlights and embodies what Rab are most passionate about. From the foot of the crag to the highest summits, they recognise it’s the same thing that unites and inspires us – a pure and untamed love of the mountains.

We are the Mountain People – join us.

On social media Rab are using the hashtag #WeAreRab
If you are sharing content related to Rab make sure to use the new hashtag #WeAreRab


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